About Me

And How Crypto Currency Became My Passion

The purpose of this website is to deliver tools, resources, and financial education information. This is meant to be a starting point for people who feel like they did not receive a financial foundation from the traditional education system and/or if you want to break the family cycle of being poor. I also intend for this to be a connection point for people who want to connect with others that believe in blockchain technology.

The lessons I learned about money started back in 1981 when I started working in the logistics industry where I was responsible for making sure a package got delivered from one destination to another on a C.O.D. basis. I started off with a small geographical area and grew my territory expediently over the next 3 years. I was big time, I had grown and started to diversify the products I delivered. I worked 100% on tips but I was ok with that. Eventually I was met wit a supply shortage and my centralized source of clients and deliverables had disappeared. I had lost everything and been homeless and lived on the streets, before being taken into a shelter. I was forced to find a new source of generating revenue. I started a service where I returned borrowed transportation to it’s storage facility so that it could be borrowed, again I relied solely on tips as a source of income. This was good for a year or so until the market became regulated and less profitable. So I decided I was no longer willing to work for tips, especially in industries where regulation could step in at any time and put me out of business. I then moved into collecting precious metals, mainly aluminum and copper. This was very labour intensive and there was a lot of competition in this field, so I got into contract work, I had figured out how I could move natural resources as units and charge per unit. This was revolutionary for me because I was in control of my wealth, if I wanted more money I could dedicate more time. The more I worked, the more money I would make. 

Just after my 10th birthday my mother came back into my life, I lost my freedom and became a prisoner of the system. With the highest level of financial knowledge coming from lessons I learned from the age of 2 - 10 years old, I would be stuck on the hamster wheel thinking if I wanted more all I had to do was work harder. I watched my mother and step father cheat the government, and fall into large sums of money several times, only to frivolously consume things that lose value after being purchased, and continue to live just above the poverty line.

I left home at the age of 18, learned to read at 19, and had a kid at 20, the only financial advice I was given came from my step father. He advised me to go take out a loan and buy something, pay the loan back so I could build credit. 

What I did know was how to work, I picked up where I left off, the harder and longer I worked the more money I would make. One of the problems I had was I had picked up the bad habit from my mother and step father. I was consuming products that lost value the moment I purchased them, racking up credit card debt, and digging myself a financial black hole. 

After working a couple years for someone else, I realized I could work harder and make more money if I worked for myself, so I started a flooring business, taught myself how to install floors, and started the cycle of working around the clock as most self employed people do. Several times working 48 or 72 hours straight to meet project deadlines or earn a wave of extra cash to take a vacation.

While thinking back on my 10th birthday, 30 years later, in the thick of when Covid hit and I said to myself there must be more, I knew I must be missing something. I gave my flooring business away to one of my best friends and started the search for what I was missing. I dove deep into studying business models, marketing techniques, examining my own past businesses, trying to figure out who I am and what I wanted to be when I grew up? I started peeling back the layers of business with Mike Michalwicz’s books and resources, I even took his coaching course Pumpkin Planning, it sounds funny but if you really want to get into the nuts and bolts that build or fix problems you face in business I highly recommend his collection of books. I thought I wanted to coach business owners and help them start or turn around their business. 

So I took my philosophy of trading time for results and took on as many clients as I could find and coach them for free so I could get experience under my belt. Either I didn’t see results fast enough or they didn’t and I realized this wasn't what I wanted to do. I stumbled on to a youtube video of Russel Brunson and found myself taking One Funnel Away Challenge, this was a piece I was missing in my knowledge. Taking that challenge helped me look at myself in a new light, it made me realize that knowledge is a commodity that can be sold. I could go learn something and then share it with someone else that relates to me and my story and get paid to do it. Not only that but whatever you do it fits into 3 categories Health, Wealth, and Relationships. This was information I desperately needed. So again I took my philosophy and started using Russel Brunson’s software Clickfunnels to try and build funnels. I was building funnels for everything, funnels for ending racism, funnels for fashion, funnels for sales, seminar funnels. Again things were not happening fast enough. At this point I started applying for jobs, resume after resume, over 300 resumes and I got 1 interview, 1 call back, and one disturbing rejection from lulu lemmon telling me I was not qualified. 

This is where I went into the land of depression, a place I do not recommend, it was my first time there and after a short stay I will not be going back. On a serious note before this I believed that depression was a state of mind that people made up to get attention, I learned the hard way that it is VERY real. I am so deeply thankful for the people in my life that were there for me. Ryan, Michelle, Mike, Angie, Dave, Nat, Cindy, Julius, Chloe, Madelyn, Dan, Donna, Ben, Brooke, and many more. Feeling lower than I ever felt before, my best friend reached out his hand and connected me with Dan our mutual friend, Dan not only was willing to give me a job but he was willing to pay for my training to become a licenced life insurance agent. I got up dusted myself off and started studying about life insurance, this for the first time this made me learn about financial planning, planning for the future in general, the wealth industry that Russell Brunson talked about started to make sense. 

Just before I started working my father passed away, and I had to sort his things out, final arrangements, finances, personal belongings. This is what I learned, my father had an education of grade 3, he unkonwling left his pension to his brother, and left me cleaning up his belongings that he wanted me to have. I stated my job selling life insurance realizing how important it is to plan your end first. I had heard the saying years earlier “start with the end in mind” and it finally made sense. As I invested my time into learning as much as I could about life insurance and how it works, I found myself learning about investments and stocks,  I had to understand stocks and investments so I downloaded WealthSimple and invested in a few stocks to see how they worked. The next thing I knew I had been minted into the blockchain as an early adoptor in the crypto space. After making 300 phone calls to a list of 25 people in a day to make 2 appointments for no one to show up. I knew insurance was not for me. I have spent the last year searching for information about cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, psychology of money, investing. I have organized it in a way that I thought would be easy for anyone new to cryptocurrency to navigate, learn, and find resources. I hope you find value in this website, I look forward to meeting you on the interweb streets.

If you read this far you got further then I would have, so I now consider you officially my friend. Nice to meet you :)