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El Salvador Plans Tokenized Bitcoin Bonds and Tax-Free ‘Bitcoin City’

BREAKING: Facebook rebrands to Meta as focus expands beyond social media

BREAKING: BlockFi files for physically-backed Bitcoin ETF


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Why did I build this website?

I vaguely remember passing on the opportunity to buy a digital coin on what seemed to be a sketchy website, well I don’t remember exactly what the website was but I clearly remember after spotting a yellow atm looking machine in corner store downtown. Why do I remember that? Because after I started swiping buttons the word bitcoin instantly took me back to that sketchy website only now instead of a couple dollars it was worth thousands of dollars. Fast forward several month later and I own some doge coin, a year later and I own a cryptocurrency website. I have learned so much, and have much more to learn. I have compiled resources, things that took me many hours to find and learn, as I learn more I’ll add to this website. 

I hope you find value in this website. Looking forward to meeting you in this crypto journey.


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